Lofoten folk high school

– a unique opportunity

Lofoten folk high school is a one-year boarding school based on the idea of learning for life, not only for occupations and degrees.

We provide an opportunity for you as a student to focus on subjects that interest you, and to grow as a person, in a small and close-knit learning community without exams and grades.

This is a school where you broaden your horizon, deepen your social insights, get more confidence in yourself, and learn tools for lifelong learning.

At our school you’ll meet students from a wide range of countries, all sharing the same interest in making new friends and in the courses we offer: photography, skiing, rock climbing and surfing.

Our courses are running from August to May, and you can apply anytime till the school starts.

Be aware that lessons are given in Norwegian, so you have to know a some of our language to take part in our adventure.

Please write or call us for more information:

e-mail: post@lofoten.fhs.no

phone:  +47 76069880

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